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Friday, 12 February 2016

Introducing: The Weight of Things Removed

The Weight of Things Removed | Novel | Milo

In this short article I will be introducing The Weight of Things Removed, a novel I will be releasing on a monthly basis on The Patient Approach

I am sure that to anyone who has followed The Milo and Moose Show, and my contributions to the blog, that it is no surprise that I want to be a writer. I want to write novels, poems, articles and essays that connect, entertain, transfix and maybe even transform people’s lives.  

My first attempt at writing a novel was an interesting experience. The 'novel' was called Fulfilment, and was written between 2011 - 2014. On the one hand I learned a lot from the experience however it was also an incredible frustrating and ultimately futile endeavour.  My burgeoning abilities as a writer were clearly improving and yet each improvement revealed my earlier forays to be juvenile and self-indulgent. The novel lacked structure, was needlessly verbose, had far too many characters for its 60,000 words and was hard to follow for anybody who was not me. I suspected all of this, but had these fears confirmed upon my acquiring of a professional editor to review my novel.

He was less than complimentary, and I can't say that I didn't agree with most of his quite blunt critique.  If I learned anything from that awkward encounter, it was that I cannot be precious with my ideas and hope to successfully develop them in my own little bubble. At times I am overly self-satisfied and at others woefully and overly critical on anything I do. Therefore I would like to try to craft a novel in a completely public and open forum: this blog.

A year removed from that baptism of fire, I have started from scratch with a new novel titled: The Weight of Things Removed. It is a story about the struggles of a man named Leonard Whistle, as he attempts to come to terms with the role he may, or may not, have played in the death of a child which occurred a number of years before the novel begins. My hope is to write a story that is both exciting and thought provoking, that touches on philosophical questions without losing sight of being an enjoyable and engaging read. 

I invite anyone and everyone who reads this to join me on this adventure, to offer any feedback on what I am doing well as well as to engage with the various issues Leonard faces. I will serialise The Weight of Things Removed on this blog, and am aiming to release a chapter a month in fortnightly chunks. As this is a work in progress there might an occasional delay some weeks, likewise some chapters may take longer than a month to complete. However by the end of it I'll hopefully have crafted and released a novel for everyone to read and enjoy as they see fit. Moreover I have recently been struggling with complacency and writers block, and I am hoping this will keep me motivated and focussed. I'll shortly be releasing Chapter 1 (Part 1) for your literary pleasure, fingers crossed it's a good read!

Needless to say this is my original work and property, and so I would appreciate that any readers respect it as such.

Miles "Milo" Carabine 

Update 15/02/2016
Chapter 1 (Part 1) is now on the blog, and I have also created a contents page which will be updated as new chapters are written and released.

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