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Friday, 1 January 2016

Our Promise to You

The Patient Approach | Moose

Milo and I met up yesterday to discuss the next year of The Patient Approach.

The best thing is that we seem to be on the same page on almost everything that we chat about, and we have a seamless plan for the New Year which we will update you on as soon as possible.

Before I go on, I am fully aware that it is the first day of the new year. I did not want this to be a "New Year, New Me" post. I think all of that is bullshit. If you want to make a change, why not start on the day that you intend to? If you want to become an actor, why don't you start practising now? Why are you waiting for tomorrow to quit smoking? The actions that we take each day are reflections on how we intend to live our lives. So instead of sitting there wishing that you're going to be something, make a start! Planning, Preparation, booking yourself on classes, going for a run! Fuck waiting. Your dreams will not wait. That role that you are envisioning yourself in will be someone else's if they are working harder than you right now. And make it something that you are really interested in! Why be "comfortable" doing something that you don't enjoy when you can be happy doing something that you love.

This reminds me of an Alan Watts video (continue reading below):

Rant over. Good to get that off my chest.

Mission Statement:
"As The Patient Approach, we want to redefine what it means to live a meaningful life in the 21st Century, by creating artwork that instills faith in our own potential as human beings."

The values that we will abide by:
- We will not lie or provide false information. We will diligently research each of our topics.
- We will make sure that the stories we tell and the ideas we share fit the facts. As above, we will make sure that we as factually accurate as possible. It does not help anyone if we alter a fact to make it fit the story, furthermore, if people are really going to listen to us and take the meanings of our works on board, then we are doing a disservice by sharing misinformation.
- We will be charitable to the facts and opinions of other people. This means that we will reference the original ideas and who created them. We do not steal!
- We want to be genuine and have integrity. We won't produce any clickbait articles, and we will write about something that we have an invested interest in. Also we will not recycle ideas, and will stand by what we say (well, unless our opinions change - which is only natural)
- We will commit time to posting on here as much as we can. Furthermore, we will keep you updated as much as possible to what we are doing.

Let's do this together!


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