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Friday, 1 January 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 7 Preview

Podcast | Preview

Well, well, well it's 2016! Has anything changed yet? Are you taller? Have you lost that Christmas weight? Are you ready for that marathon? Of course not it's only been two fucking days! 

That's why in our next episode we are going to be looking back over 2015 and (mostly) talking about our favourite experiences rather than the things we are yet to experience. So we will be discussing our "Top Five" films, books, and albums of 2015 as well as whatever else comes to mind.

Also we won't be limiting our lists to thing that came out in 2015, but will instead be discussing things that we discovered or first experienced in 2015.

In any case join us on Sunday 3rd January as we look back on our favourite things of 2015, and share a couple of our plans for The Patient Approach in 2016. If you're looking for a selection of new books, films and music or simply want to see if anybody else has the same taste as you, be sure to listen to our next episode. Also have a think about your "Top Five", you've got two days to think about it! Get started now, it's a lot harder than it sounds!



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