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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Describing Women Pt. 3

Writing Exercises | Moose

This is the end of the week in which I am working on my description of women. This was definitely a fun exercise for me and I hope that you enjoyed it to as readers. Next week, I'll be trying to describe men, which I have learnt is a very different task. However, I will definitely be returning to this task, hopefully in more inventive ways, and really work on describing the seductiveness and beauty of some of the women that I come across

If you were to see this woman only by the skin on the proximity of her face, from the forehead and following round to the cheeks, you would believe that this thin brunette woman was relatively young, right in the prime of her life, especially after listening to her talk with such passion and energy. As she revealed more of herself, however, it became obvious that she was much older than that. With the features that you may describe as the stereotypical Halloween witch, she had a pronounced nose that had a boil on the end of it, and her dark, sleepless eyes were surrounded by a large number of wrinkles that spread out to roughly an inch around her eyes. These wrinkles were most pronounced around the edges of her nose, especially where the skin of the nose met the bags underneath her eyes. She had a wonderful laugh though, which, despite not being the most attractive, was very contagious, and gave extra life to the conversation that she was having with the man next to her.

This was a woman who really interested me when I was on my final train home of the week from work on Friday. There was something about the contrast of her wrinkles and the youth that she displayed which meant that I really wanted to describe her. 

She sat to the left of her lover on Valentine’s Day in the local coffee shop, which was inside a clothes store: not the most romantic of ways to start the day. Nonetheless, she had a decent amount of makeup on her face, something she had practiced to perfection, and was wearing a black top with sparkles on the shoulders to draw more attention to herself. She was not a naturally beautiful woman, and had a large head that was riddled with large features (all except for her nose which looked petite and out of place in comparison). Her mouth, in particular, was big which meant that she spoke with a great amount of emphasis on each word. It was clear that this day meant a lot more to her than it did her lover, and she was trying to steal his attention from the wall ahead of him with chat, but was forced to jump from conversation to conversation as he responded with closed, uninterested answers. Undeterred by the simple responses that she was receiving, with each word spoke with real clarity as she looked deep into the eyes of her man, despite not receiving the same gaze in return, she continued to try desperately for his attention like a young puppy, though eventually, after working exhaustively, she herself lost interest, and started to gaze longingly into the shop next door, forgotten, reminiscing on the fun, loving person that this man used to be to her. She grasped the glass of coffee on the table and leant forwards towards the lap of her lover, hoping for a kiss on the cheek as she took a sip of her drink. A curl of her jet black hair fell onto her face so she flicked it behind her ear seductively, before running her fingers through her hair towards the messy bun on the top of her head, and looking with her flirtatious hazel eyes towards her man (though flirting did not come instinctively to her). Yet he continued to display no meaningful response and resumed eating the biscuit in his hand. Disappointed, she reached into her handbag, which was sitting on her lap, and took out her phone, not before taking a quick look at the ring on her hand, wondering if something could have been different.

The one thing that I really hope that was displayed in this piece was the disappointment that the woman felt at having been forgotten, or disregarded by the man she was with. I felt that I positively described the way that she tried to show herself off, but despite her efforts, they fell on deft ears. Woman in the coffee shop, you should know that I appreciated it!

She was defined by her wonderful smile that highlighted her beauty, and made her more pleasant for the customers that she was addressing. Stuck on coffee duty, though, for the majority of the time she had her back to these very customers, that suggested that she was the newest of the five workers who were very close in age. She had long brunette hair tied back, which, though tied behind her head, still reached the depths of her lower back. Fortunately, by tying her hair back, she was able to reveal the soft tenderness of the skin on her cheek. She was a very thin young woman, which made her appear taller than she actually was, even despite the weak neck that led to her head pushing forward, and ultimately displaying the poor posture of her natural state. This made her look like a very delicate woman, like someone who had found it easy in life, likely due to the fact that other people had made it easy for her, and the fact that she was a beautiful and slight woman as well, made this appear all the more likely. She stood on the fringes of the other three women in conversation though, and clearly struggled to speak her mind. Soft in voice, she would only add to the joking once the chat had died down. Clearly a very smart woman, she would add something funny, and the other girls, led by the Manager in her lighter brown shirt, would take over her contribution and develop it into something greater, which she again struggled to get involved with. When a customer did approach the counter, she was the first to step away from the chat, before producing an endearing smile and making this client feel worthwhile, whilst the other three women were left to gossip behind the counter. 

I would have liked to describe in more detail how beautiful this young woman was. She was clearly very confident in her abilities, but was a bit quiet, which is something that always intrigues me. I always want to find out more about women like this, because I find that they are normally the most interesting. They always have something to say. 

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