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Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Patient Approach Episode 3: The Dinner Party Part 1

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Damnit not only are we only hours away from our fictional party, but we are also a man down. Oggy has been capped by the common cold and so we've have been forced to draft in a replacement. His name? Joe "The King" Mulvihill.

And so in this episode of The Patient Approach the (slightly ammended) trio are finally able to discuss who they would bring to the party, and who they would leave at home. Digressions are a plenty, as are curious nuggets of knowledge about torture devices and the one true name of the infamous warlord formerly known as Genghis Khan.

We hope you have fun with the first half of this two-parter, and would love to hear who you think should have a plate at the table.

Who should we pick? Who would you pick? Who would you add? Let us know!

Part Two will be available in the not too distant future and NO Joe, that is not a future that features a certain Master Chief...

Click here to listen.

Milo out

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