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Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Patient Approach Podcast Episode 3 Preview

Podcast | Preview

Hi Everyone,

I'm a fool. I was given one job and I made a massive mistake.

So following the podcast we recorded this week, I was given the homework of booking a large table or a room for a dinner party that we have planned.

Easy, I thought....

I fell asleep, forgot about it. When I was having my shower this morning, I remembered the party. Cursing my horrid memory, I jumped out the shower, and ran upstairs to grab my phone, bollock-naked and leaving puddles of water everywhere, and proceeded to call every function room and restaurant in the world.

No luck.

I'm going to have to use a table at my own house, and there's only room for 9 people (It's a small a kennel, but with a shower).

There will be good food, a lot of quality drinks and a couple of waiters/waitresses, as we had already booked them. The only crux is that we can only have 9 people sitting at the table. We've already sent out the invites, and everyone had RSVP'd that they will be coming. And now, we have to turn people away.

Who should we pick? Me, Milo and Oggy will obviously be invited, but we need to decide who the other six will be.

Our guests can be anyone past or present, at any age, at any time (I don't know how it works, Oggy made the machine - and yes, it's patented). And we have to decide who we should invite.

If I had my way: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Albert Camus, Idris Elba, Groucho Marx, Emma Watson, Bill Hicks, Bill Murray, Mike Tyson, Aristotle, Franz Kafka, Jennifer Lawrence, Shirley Jackson, Peter Cook, Peter Sellers......

Wait, no, I've gone over 6. Erm.....

Join me, Milo and Oggy as we debate who our guests will be in the next podcast. To be recorded on the 7/8th November, and released shortly after.

Who would you invite? who would you choose as your six guests? Let us know by commenting on here, OR follow and mention us on Twitter. @PatientApproach

Moose... Out.

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