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Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 14: Space, The Final Frontier

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Is Anyone Out There? by Alan Bean, 2000.
Is Anyone Out There? by Alan Bean, 2000
In this episode of the Milo and Moose Show, Milo and Moose are discussing space; not space as in "the absence of something filled by furniture" but "the black thing above us with the stars and maybe aliens".

They begin by discussing the sheer size of space, by throwing around numbers they can't say and incomplete statistics. Following this they share their thoughts on whether they would like to be astronauts, and whether they think human's will eventually try to colonise the galaxy, They continue by applying these same questions to alien species specifically and whether we would colonise them, or whether they would colonise us.

They finish by revealing that earth, and life on earth, as we know is actually a reality show, and it's about to be cancelled! Can they come up with a pitch to save earth? It's not likely, let's be honest.  

The Farscape episode mentioned is Season 4 Episode 14: A Constellation of Doubt, and the Overview Effect short film can be found on Vimeo.

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