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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 14 Preview

Podcast | Preview
“Are you different?”
“Yeah, I’m different”
“Well things that used to bother me, don’t bother me that much anymore. The world seems smaller, and I keep waiting for something to happen and I have to remind myself that when it doesn’t happen that that’s normal.”

John Crichton, Farscape Season 4 Episode 17 “A Constellation of Doubt”

The above quotation is from the sci-fi show Farscape, a series about an astronaut who ends up on the run with an assortment of aliens after becoming adrift in another galaxy. One of the speakers, John Crichton, describes how his extra-terrestrial experiences have changed him. He has been through all manner of mad and crazy events and, as the episode attests, no doubt suffers from PTSD. Nevertheless it's still a believable response to how humans would, and have, responded to life back on earth after experiencing the wonders of space first hand.  

Arthur C. Clarke's quote #4
This Arthur C. Clarke quote pops up when you load XCOM; a game about aliens who want to enslave us.
The short film 'Overview' replicates John’s feelings although where he has anxiety, the astronauts interviewed have an almost spiritual and euphoric peace. It is in this crucible between anxiety and optimism our next episode will take place, as we’ll wildly share and speculate about the secrets of outer space.  

In the next episode of The Milo and Moose Show we’ll be looking to discuss these issues and more, from our own views on exploring space to bigger and almost impossible to answer questions about the ramifications for our species as a whole. I can’t promise that alien sex won’t come up. The episode will be available on this blog, Soundcloud, Stitcher and the rest on Sunday 1st May.

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