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Monday, 4 January 2016

Speckles of Sugar

Writing Excercises | Milo

I was challenged by Moose to set a scene in 200 words or less. Did you enjoy my attempt? Do you think you can do better? Put it in the comments! Milo Out. 

Speckles of sugar stuck to the puddle of spilt coffee atop the tin table, and glistened as the outside light hit it. The shine was similar to the spark caused, when moonlight penetrates the raindrops caught in a spider’s web. Of course one had to be sitting at just the right seat, and positioned correctly in front of the right window, in order to spy this cheap imitation of the natural world. The next customer to enter this quaint, cluttered cafĂ© would, by some miracle, occupy such a seat in order to see this unremarkable phenomenon. Perhaps it was predestined that such a man would enter as such a time, because the sight resonated with him in ways that he could neither articulate nor fully understand. His sleeves stopped just above his knuckles, and his trousers fell far below his ankles, often becoming cut and wrinkled by his shoes. The man didn’t wear clothes that fit him properly, and he possessed a less than impressive silhouette, however he still hoped that were he to be accosted by the right light, he too might glisten like speckles of sugar on a tin table top. 


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