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Monday, 4 January 2016

Review of Incognito Chapter 5: The Rivals of the Brain

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The Brain is a Team of Rivals.

Have you ever found yourself arguing with yourself? Arguing about decisions you may have made, and how disappointed you are with yourself for making such an impulsive decision?

If you haven't, please know that you are probably a robot. Or Superman. (Let me know!)

This past chapter of Incognito was another interesting one (I'm getting tired of saying this - at some point there has to be a boring chapter!!). It suggests that there are a number of different "experts" within the mind designed to determine the ultimate decision that should be made in a situation. Each 'expert' will then try to shout the loudest in order to make their suggestion the final decision.

An ultimate decision is made. And it is made by the most confident "persona" in that situation. Much like the typical Alpha Male persona that we see in the animal kingdom.

Side thought: The reason some people find it hard to be assertive is because the "expert" has not been fully developed.
Side side thought: Are we neglecting the persona that best fits us by being someone that we are not? (In fact, it has been really good to devote my time to this Patient Approach venture. I truly believe in the potential of mankind, and I genuinely know that I can change the world. By trying to find myself a job and put myself into a certain situation, how much time for development have I lost?)

When we find ourselves in a familiar situation, the action that we have become comfortable with (most often the action that didn't "harm us"), will become the desired action, and therefore, it will assertive itself as the voice in your head that deals with this situation. If I am not physically harmed by not chatting to that group of people, then as I am still alive, what can I be disappointed by?

It's about making yourself uncomfortable, so that you can allow yourself to grow.

In fact, by putting yourselves in the uncomfortable situation, the aspect that previously dominated your persona will diminish (just like if you keep putting yourself in your comfort zone, your desire to jump out of it will diminish).

No one was born a certain way. As human beings, we have the potential to quickly learn and grow, and ultimately, we can alter aspects that we are uncomfortable with. Put yourself in a situation that is unknown to you, and do it a number of times. Watch this have the positive benefits you desire.

At the beginning of my read, after finishing the introduction, I asked whether we are all secretly Schizophrenics. I guess we are. Some persona's are more dominant in other people, and therefore, their different characters become more obvious.

Fascinating reading!

You can buy the book anywhere, but if you're in the US or the UK, you can follow the respective linked amazon websites.

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