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Monday, 23 November 2015

The Patient Approach Podcast Episode 4: The Police, a Force or a Service?

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In this episode of The Patient Approach, Oggy returns wearing a mysterious cap (correction: beanie) to find Milo and Moose involved in a more serious discussion than usual. The topic being whether the police is a force or a service, or rather, does the police control and corral or protect and serve?

The three compare and contrast the UK and US police services, ultimately with the aim of sharing their thoughts on whether both units are "services" or "forces".

From their research they have found that many people either distrust or are ambivalent towards the police, and they try to come to an understanding as to why this might be, and whether this is fair perspective to have.

In light of recent events over the last few years this is quite a serious topic and we would love to hear whether you agree with us, disagree or have any suggestions about what we could discuss next.

Note: The Hillsborough disaster sadly claimed 96 lives and occurred in Sheffield in a match between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest. Apologies about an error in this episode, wherein Milo mistakenly said 92 people passed away in Liverpool.

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