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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 17 Preview

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In recent times Moose and I haven't spoken as much before recording as we used to, so our previews will start to vary in style. They'll be more like 'teasers' as they'll reveal our trains of thought rather than directly setting up the next episode. So the stuff mentioned below might not come up in our next episode, but it should still help to give you a feel for my thought process. Milo out.
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Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory and you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn't harbor some sort of irrational suspicion about the world around them. Whether it's that a secret society predetermines politics, that fossil fuel companies are secretly obstructing cold fusion research or that Barack Obama is a lizard-man we all have our beliefs
Please don't watch this video, I'm only linking it so I can use the pic
There are so many to list, from the variety of 9/11 theories suspecting that it was an inside job, to the various theories about who really killed JFK, every major event is open to many interpretations. The thing I find most fascinating about them is that many of the one's that appear the most insane, are often only poorly articulated versions of genuinely plausible ones. For instance this talk by Larry Lessig suggests that the most powerful nation on earth is dominated by an invisible group of obscenely wealthy people, and many students, extremists and social outcasts feel the same way.

Same fears, same opinions but different presentations, and that's what I find most fascinating about conspiracies theories. You can always find a way to make them plausible, and I'd be lying if I claimed that I never seriously considered that Tupac might still be alive.
This website says its a hoax, don't tell me what to believe internet!
Saying that I like to imagine that Illuminati does in fact exist and are overseen by a still living Tupac, and they get their kicks by sneaking occult imagery into hip-hop videos.

The best things about conspiracy theories is that they are very hard to prove wrong, and very easy to believe in. I defy you to watch one illuminati video or 9/11 cover up documentary without, even for a second, feeling a sensation that can only be described as: weed-induced wonder. Oh and while this has been very American-centric, it's simply because your seekers of truth tend to be "louder" than ours. I'm looking at you Princess "it was an assassination" Diana theorists.... 

Our next episode is due to hit our RSS feed on Sunday 12th June

P.P.S. A note to the illuminati: please don't hurt us. Think of this episode as our way of helping you to continue hiding in plain sight.

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