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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 13 Preview

Podcast | Preview

[Update 17/04/2016] Well this topic didn't quite turn out as being as stimulating or as interesting as we hoped so we have shelved it for now, and instead have recorded a rant about the Panama Papers leak. On the one hand it started becoming weirdly and mind-numbingly academic, and on the other hand neither of us was 100% and so the topic massively suffered as a result. If anyone asks though, it's because we are now serious journalists so NPR, Sarah Koenig and others need to back the fuck up.


Our ability to form  memories is one of the things in this world that many of us takes for granted, and yet can be defective without raising concern. It's not uncommon for people both young and old to say that they have forgotten something because of their "bad memory", or to claim that they absolutely remember doing "that specific thing" despite no one else being able to verify it. 

So what happens when the tehcnology arrives that allows us to identitfy the memory sectors of the brain and directly affect them? Well a number of us would need to get better excuses and harder evidence! 

During our next episode we will be discussing "memory" and what's been shared so far has been a few thoughts Milo has had in the midst of his research. He's also been looking at John Locke's idea that what we remember about ourselves makes us who we are as individuals, which, on the flipside, also means that if you can't remember doing something, it wasn't you who did it!

That's pretty extreme and a lot of people smarter than us have argued about it in the centuries since ol' Locke became an angry bald man on Lost, nevertheless it could be an angle we take.
Pictured: The philosopher John Locke...
We are yet to collate our research yet, however whatever happens we can promise that it'll be an episode worth remembering. Milo will see himself out...

Our next episode will delivered via the cutting edge techno-magic of "streaming", on Sunday 17th April.

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