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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 11 Preview

Podcast | Preview

The idea of changing the past to change your future is something we’ve touched on briefly in the past, but for our next episode we’re going to tackle it directly. We’ll be looking at time travel and in preparation for this episode we’ve been looking at the issue from a number of different areas.

To begin with there is the wealth of pop culture treatments of time travel, from the hilarious (such as The Hot Tub Time Machine films) to the more sedate (like Primer). Then you have a real life physicist named Ronald Mallett, who has seriously investigated time travel in order to see if he could somehow prevent his father's early passing. His life’s work has a weirdly cinematic vibe that continues to blend the line between fantasy and possibility, that all time travel fictions contend with.  
Ron Mallett, professor of physics
Ronald Mallett

Moreover there’s plenty of fun that can be had with the variety of paradoxes that come with time travel as a concept, most famously the Grandfather paradox whereby a time traveller could inadvertently hurt or affect their grandfather in such a way as to threaten their own existence.
In response theories, that I admittedly don’t fully understand, have been put forth to suggest this is an impossibility but even so it’s a curious and quite scary risk for any time traveller.
Sometimes there are things worse then death, like being your own grandfather...
There are so many fascinating areas of exploration with this topic, from whether time travel, even in the form of sending messages from the future to the past, is a possibility in our lifetimes to whether it is even desirable were it to be possible. 
Time travel could seriously inhbit your ability to order a cheeseburger
In any case whatever direction, we choose to take this episode in, we hope you tune on Sunday 20th March where it’ll be available on Itunes, TunIn, Soundcloud and Stitcher. 

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