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Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 9 Preview

Podcast | Preview

It feels like every other film released in the last few years is a sequel, prequel or a spinoff of another superhero movie, and the same goes for television as well. We are absolutely inundated with superheroes in our media there's got to be millions of children out there who will grow up thinking: flying would be awesome, or, I wish a could run at the speed of light. Moreover of that number there has to be an even smaller amount who have the right mix of brains, ambition and good fortune to actually make this happen.
No human being should be this fast

So in 2050 will superpowers be a widely sold commodity?

We are going to assume that not only is that the case, but that this year is that very year! In this episode we will be discussing what our ideal superpower is, before going on to discuss what our choice of "normal" superpowers would be. By "normal" superpowers I'm referring to the barely "plausible but actually existent" talents real people have e.g. perfect memories, the ability to detect a lie, peak athleticism etc.

Lastly we will be debating whether artificial enhancements of any sort are a good idea, from X-Men style superpowers to everyday plastic surgery. Is it right to play with mother nature like some sort of crazed Brando-esque Dr Moreau*, or is stuffing one's body full of enhancements akin to stuffing one's body full of fast-food ala ‘Super Size Me’?

We'll hopefully have an answer for you when our episode goes live Monday 8th February

Milo Out!
* I am aware that this sounds like a negative point, but you have to remember my unforgivable love of all things Marlon Brando.  

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