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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Milo and Moose Show Episode 6 Preview

Podcast | Preview

Our next episode will be on the lottery, or more specifically, whether it's actually a good thing to win it!

There are numerous reports of lottery winners ending up worse off, both emotionally and financially, after getting the golden ticket. Nevertheless, people still keep playing, and they keep praying that they will win. I myself play the lottery every so often and I do find myself wondering:

"Am I sure I want to win?"

After all, going from seeing a couple of hundred in your bank account to seeing a cool, clean million is not a casual thing at all.  

In this upcoming episode we will be discussing what we would do if we had the winning ticket, before then chatting about the positives and negatives of a win. We'll be looking to finishing off the episode with a discussion about whether the lottery is the ultimate “golden ticket” to a happy life i.e. is it the bastion of hope and the miracle elixir it can sometimes appear to be? 
We'll be recording and releasing our next episode Sunday 20th December so keep your eyes on us.

Milo Out

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