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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Walk in the Winter Cold

Fiction | Moose

I love the seasons we get in the UK. The warmth of the summer leading towards the cold of the winter. Here is a short story of my walk tonight. Moose. 

Is there a time when you feel more alive in the cold depths of winter? When the wind is flowing on through the streets and meeting your face, leaving your cheeks to become delicate at the touch of the cold air? Hearing the gentle flow of the wind against the tree's to produce the rustling of the branches and their few remaining leaves?

When the night comes we are in touch with a beautiful nature. When the air is raw and quiet, save for a few mechanical sounds of the cars driving past. And because this sound is distant, and few and far between, even this sound feels gentle, serene, almost as though it was an intended design of nature. On this night, I have refused to wear gloves, and thus my cold, soft hands retreat to the warmth of my coat pockets just as nature intended in the same way that a caveman would be directed towards the comfort of the fire. My body closes together, shoulders are hunched, my head retreating into my neck, as though trying to get as close to the warmth of the flow of the blood from my heart.

Despite this inherent desire for closeness, I open myself up, spread my arms wide, just so I can feel that cold air bring me ever closer to that beautiful nature.

The sound of the tree's rustling in the wind invites me, the howling of the strong air draws me in a direction with no destination, with only the soft moon, only half full, guiding my way.

My shoulders relax as my right hand reaches out to a bush to my right, and I run my fingers through the dying leaves. At once, I am one with nature. The cold winds driving through the streets, rustling the trees and gently fondling my exposed cheeks, suddenly reveals itself as the truth. It reveals itself as mother nature, her presence awe-inspiring, and she relaxes beside me.

I stretch my hand out to feel the soft, warm hands of this beautiful and forgiving entity, and proceed to walk hand in hand down this long endless road with nature by my side.

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